The Foundation

Headquartered in East Texas, JTX Forged was founded by the Ivy brothers, who have been in the trucking industry for over a decade and come from a family that’s been doing it since the ’90s.

Thomas and Jonathan Ivy founded Southern Transport in 2006 with a single one-ton truck and a gooseneck trailer, hauling local hot shot loads. In less than a decade, the business has grown considerably. Today Southern Transport owns 16 haul trucks, five four-axle heavy haul trucks, 12 winch trucks, two pole trucks, 14 one-tons, three cranes and two escort trucks.

While growing their trucking business, the Ivy brothers have bought dozens of passenger trucks and customized them to their liking. Between the two, they’ve purchased over a hundred sets of custom truck wheels and have a deep understanding from a customer’s perspective as to what needs fixing in the forged wheel industry. So, instead of complaining they decided to do something about it. Thus, the creation of JTX Forged wheels!

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