Delanie Walker's RAM 3500 Dually on JTX Forged Wheels by Titan Motoring

Longstanding Tennessee Titan and current Free Agent, Delanie Walker has always been known as a legit car guy. Even back when he was with the San Fransico 49ers, he had a respectable stable of rides and it still holds true today. He’s also been in his fair share of fender benders (none his fault), most notably in 2018, when his Lamborghini was hit by an 18-wheeler and earlier this year when his G63 was damaged in California. Seeing that he’s been a magnet for automobile accidents, it’s only right that he have something built that’s virtually unstoppable.

Delanie took his masterplan for his monster truck to the team over at Titan Motoring in Nashville, Tennessee to construct the meanest dually this side of the Mississippi. Using the industry’s top products, the crew at Titan Motoring formulated a master plan to deliver Delanie the tank he desired. Titan Motoring reached out to Wicked Customs for a modest 4-inch suspension lift to accommodate for the larger rolling gear – and that was just the beginning.

The exterior of this RAM 3500 dually received quite the upgrade via a matte black wrap from local wrap shop, Paradigm 615, front and rear protection via Kelderman bumpers and a Road Armor ‘headache rack’, just in case. A custom grille and other smaller additions were added as well.

The icing on the proverbial cake is the set of one-off wheels that complete this Mad Max aesthetic. Delanie worked with Titan Motoring to create a set of custom, one-of-a-kind JTX Forged wheels that were sure to elicit fear in any oncoming motorists. The wheels are a smoothie-style design, 24-inches in diameter and wrapped in 37-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires. Is Delanie’s RAM 3500 the meanest thing on the road? You decide!

Photos: Quinn Hill