New JTX Forged Wheel Designs – August 2021

As the forged truck wheel scene grows, JTX Forged continues to stay ahead of the curve with innovative designs to complement any lifted truck or SUV. For August 2021, the new JTX Forged wheel offerings lean a bit on the wild and aggressive side – by design. All of the new JTX Forged wheel designs are available in diameters from 20-inches all the way up to 30-inches. Check out the new JTX Forged wheel designs below!

Capo Max

The newest addition to the JTX Forged lineup is the Capo Max, which is an extension of the original Capo with an off-road/military-style toughness. This wheel is perfectly suited for those looking for a more rugged look to their truck.


For those looking for a mesh-style forged truck wheel, the Lotus will certainly fit the bill. This unique design is unlike the typical forged truck wheel and would like awesome in a polished finish or in two-tone to highlight the intricacies of the wheel!


If you’re looking to give your truck that custom feel, look no further than the Rumble from JTX Forged. This rotational 11-spoke wheel with cut-outs in each spoke is a perfect addition to your truck’s aesthetic.


This new design from JTX Forged is a bit on the wild side and will absolutely turn heads at the next truck meet. This Schizo is a forged truck wheel that won’t be missed the next time you pull up, regardless of which finish or size you desire.


There are times where you want the wheel to be the star of the show and the Dao is here to deliver. With rotational spokes and sharp angles, the Dao commands respect every time you pull up!


Last and certainly not least in the new drop of wheel designs by JTX Forged‘s in-house designers is the aggressively-styled Ruckus. The Ruckus is one of those wheels that sends a message that the owner of the truck is not messing around! Pair this wheel with a Rock Rings (available on all JTX Forged Wheels) and your truck will be the hottest thing on the block!