Lifted Toyota Tacoma on 24×14-inch JTX Forged Wheels

In the world of lifted trucks, the Toyota Tacomas usually on the scene are decked out in Overland spec with roof top tents, rock sliders and 18″ wheels on fat tires. But that doesn’t mean that all Tacomas needed to be this way. It takes a creative truck owner with a vision and in this case, a strong team behind him to take a truck like this to a whole other level.

For what has been called ‘Project Silverbolt’, this build was managed by the man himself, Scoop of Scoop’s Marketing Group. Scoop and owner Jayden Chadd revamped this Toyota with a healthy list of upgrades.¬†

To get the truck to a proper altitude, a 12″ Bulletproof Suspension lift was added clearing enough room for the massive rolling gear. A set of custom powder coated¬† Tahitian Teal 24×14-inch JTX Forged Teflon wheels were installed and completely upgraded the look of this Tacoma.