Silver Spruce F-250 Platinum on 26×14-inch JTX Forged Wheels

A lifted Ford F-250 can be attractive in countless configurations. Some prefer a show truck vibe with highly-polished wheels and a chrome undercarriage. Others opt for a more subtle look and that’s exactly what’s displayed here with this menacing but masterful example.

The owner of this truck was an avid hunter and always used his truck for more than a couple looks on the boulevard. Therefore, he chose a color not seen as often – Silver Spruce. This color works well with any color of wheels but he ultimately decided to black everything out, which proved to be the proper decision.

Featuring a hefty suspension lift with Pro Comp and Fox components, the owner of this truck had a set of all-black, 26×14-inch JTX Forged Recoil wheels installed, which were a perfect fit for such a sexy truck. To top it off – literally and figuratively – a bed cap and rack were added as well.