F-250 Super Duty Platinum on 26×12-inch JTX Forged Silencer Wheels

The Ford Super Duty is a power house in the world of custom trucks. With insane amounts of power and plenty of room under the fenders, the big Fords are the perfect platform for creating a rig that looks good enough to valet the finest restaurants while having the capability to rip that restaurant off its foundation!

This particular silver Platinum F250 from Xclusive Auto of Elath, LA is tkktktk ktadks. It features a set of 26×12-inch JTX Forged Silencer wheels wrapped int 35/13.50/26 Fury off-road tires. Although 26×14-inch wheels have been more popular, there hasĀ  been a rise in popularity of the 26×12-inch due to it being potentially better suited for daily activities. And ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and how tall you want your lift, how much you want to cut (if any) and of course, your parking requirements or limitations.

Take a look at the gallery featuring images from Mach 1 Media below and make sure to also check out the JTX Forged gallery featuring dozens of Fords featuring JTX Forged wheels!