2020 Ford F-250 Limited on 26×14″ JTX Forged Wheels

Stephen Lawrence of Houston, Texas is no stranger to a lifted vehicle with big wheels and tires. One look at his Instagram quickly proves it. Well, he’s back for another round with his latest addition; a 2020 Ford F-250 Limited. And thankfully this time around, he chose a set of JTX Forged wheels for his truck build.

For this build, Stephen entrusted Str8up Offroad & Performance of Conroe, TX to create his masterpiece. The team at Str8up added a 10″ BDS Suspension lift to create ample room for the new rolling gear while providing a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

The star of the show is of course the set of JTX Forged wheels added to the truck. Stephen selected the JTX Forged SAVAGE in a brushed finish, which compliments the white exterior to perfection. Wrapped around those gorgeous wheels are a set of Fury 38×15.50 tires.

As you can clearly see, the end result was an unmatched aesthetic and a truck that is versatile in any enviornment. A truck that can be used to take your wife to dinner on Saturday and absolutely crush the truck show on Sunday. Is this rig the best of both worlds? It certainly seems like it.

Photos: Craig Israel