2020 GMC Denali HD on 28×16-inch JTX Forged Wheels

In a world full of Superdutys, stepping out in a full customized GMC is a move that will definitely get some to take notice! That’s the direction Sal (@2020DenaliHD) took with his latest project, a 2020 GMC Denali 2500 HD on JTX Forged Grip Wheels!

First stop for this brand new bone stock truck was a trip to Roadshow Tires in Marietta, Ga for a 12″ FTS suspension lift. Wanting to bring something different to the ATL truck scene, Sal stepped it up big time when choosing a wheel and tire combo. Choosing to go BIG he landed on 28×16-inch JTX Forged Grip wheels in the polished finish and 40×15.50R28 Fury tires.

Not satisfied with just a lift, wheels, and tires, Sal went all-in on the rest of the truck to ensure he had the baddest truck in the city! He ceramic coated the entire truck, color matched the grille, fenders, and mirrors, and the lift kit and Gen Y trailer hitch were powder-coated by Premier Wheel Atl. Once satisfied with the exterior, he headed inside to complete the truck with a suede starlight headliner and fully custom interior.

Being one of the very few trucks in Atlanta with JTX Forged wheels in the city, Sal’s truck truck stands out among the sea of me-too’s and is definitely one of the baddest trucks to put rubber on a road named Peachtree.