K30 Semi Conversion on 26-inch JTX Forged Wheels

When you’re looking to steal the show at Daytona Truck Meet, usually you do it by installing an Any Level Lift suspension and 30×16-inch JTX Forged wheels. Well, SOB Built Motorsports out of Kathleen, Georgia had something else in mind. Starting with a cab from a 1967 K30 SOB was looking to build a ground scrapin’ monster that broke necks everywhere it went.

To turn this vintage truck into a menacing semi hybrid straight out of Maximum Overdrive, a custom frame was built to accommodate the in-house built air bag suspension, custom fiberglass semi fenders, functional semi fuel tanks, and mounts for the Cummins 6BT HO motor. Of course a build of this magnitude can’t just have off the shelf wheels, so SOB reached out to JTX Forged for one-off custom smoothie 26×16 rear and 26×8 front wheels. A custom interior, huge chrome stacks, Wilwood brakes, and a custom Chrome semi front bumper were installed to complete this masterpiece on wheels.