Ford F250 on 30×16-inch JTX Forged Wheels

On the list of super-clean lifted street trucks on the scene right now, for me, this one is on the top of the mountain. Somehow this crazy, show-worthy build has an understated tone that hits all of the right notes. That’s exactly what producer Nick Curtis was aiming for when he set out to build this beautiful beast.

The first stop on this build’s journey to street truck greatness was a trip over to Titan Motoring in Nashville, Tennessee to get wrapped in just the right hue. The Inozetec khaki green did the trick, keeping the shine on the truck while adding a hint of classic military green. Next up was the addition of the Any Level Lift to make sure the truck was always sitting right regardless of the situation. Finally, a monster set of custom-painted 30×16-inch JTX Forged Melee wheels wrapped in 42-inch Fury tires were installed to cement the truck’s dominance on the Nashville streets!