Ford Super Duty Excursion Conversion on JTX Forged Wheels

In today’s truck scene, the Ford Excursion may feel slightly dated compared to the current line up of Ford trucks. However, Ford’s largest SUV is currently the Expedition and it’s built for soccer moms, so it’s not exactly the best candidate for lifts and customization.

The owner of this particular rig was well-aware of the void in the market and was determined to do something about it. Thus, he created a Frankenstein-type build that featured the best of both worlds from Ford’s truck lineup.

Upon first glance, it’s not exactly clear if this if an Excursion with an updated truck front end or a truck with an Excursion back half. Well, it’s the latter and that is not only more difficult to pull off but considerably more expensive, too.

This beast began as a 2015 Ford F250 Super Duty and was customized with an Excursion rear section masterfully crafted onto the body. And the modifications don’t stop there as this Super Duty received a facelift with the help of a custom front grille, custom headlights and pocket-style fender flares.

Underneath this beast, is a massive suspension lift that creates enough room for the hefty footwear. Beneath the updated body are a set of 24×14-inch JTX Forged Ballistic wheels wrapped in 375/40/24 Nitto Trail Grappler tires, which seem to be the ideal combination for such a massive rig. Is this the top Super Duty Excursion in the game? It just might be!

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